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Marion Elementary Teacher Honored with Emerson Award

Alexis Jamerison On Oct. 22, 2020, Ritenour School District and Marion Elementary administrators pushed into Alexis Jamerison’s virtual classroom and surprised her with the Emerson Award as her fourth grade class showered the screen with emoji claps.

The Emerson Award recognizes St. Louis-area teachers of students in kindergarten through college level for their vital role in shaping their students’ lives. Jamerison, who has been a classroom teacher at Marion since 2013, was selected by Ritenour administrators for her outstanding contributions to the teaching profession and for her role in inspiring Ritenour students.

Jamerison is Marion Elementary’s 2020 Diamond Circle Teacher of the Year. Marion Principal Bilal Ewing said Jamerison’s passion for teaching and ability to build positive relationships with her students help them achieve at high levels.

“Her students know her expectations and always rise to the occasion,” said Ewing. “In this new virtual learning environment, Ms. Jamerison already has mastered the ability to engage her students at high levels and make learning fun. She is extremely flexible at pivoting quickly to meet her students’ needs.”

In past years, Jamerison has co-led “Empowering Young Women” at Marion. Through this program, she has built strong relationships with her students and families through positive communication that ultimately have helped girls create stronger relationships with their families.

Additionally, Jamerison is also a member of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) committee, the School Health Advisory Committee, and she is willing to support upcoming teachers as a mentor teacher. Her work with the School Health Advisory Committee has helped the district revise its wellness plan and has led to several health and wellness initiatives across the district.

Jamerison does not shy away from difficult conversations/topics, rather, she is willing to dive-in and help, according to her colleagues. When a difficult situation related to race arose in her building, she organized a deeply emotional and personal conversation with her colleagues in a manner that was invitational and outcome driven.

As an Emerson Award recipient, Jamerison will be eligible to apply for grants provided by Emerson to support curriculum and instruction for her students.