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Ritenour Human Resources Department Office Professional Earns State Kudos

Wendy JacksonWendy Jackson, an office professional in the Ritenour Human Resources Department, was named the first Human Resources (HR) Professional of the Year by the Missouri Association of School Personnel Administrators (MOASPA).

Jackson, who has been an office professional in Ritenour since 1999 with the majority of her tenure serving the human resources department, was honored with the award at the MOASPA Conference in September 2021. Although the association has honored Human Resource administrators in the past, this year was the first time it honored an office professional. 

“We had several nominees, and Wendy is our very first honoree,” said Dr. Patty Corum, executive director of MOASPA. “What a great selection!”

The association awards committee selected Jackson for her commitment to being an ambassador for her district and positively contributing to and representing the district human resources department. 

Dr. Mike LaChance, Ritenour assistant superintendent for human resources and leadership development, said Jackson’s commitment to excellence is reflected in going above and beyond in all that she does to support district administrators, staff as well as the human resources team, business department and superintendent’s office. 

“Her efficiency, initiative, work ethic, disposition and HR skillset make her a valuable asset to our entire district,” said LaChance. “She is a team player who is always professional, courteous and welcoming to everyone she serves.

In the human resources department, LaChance said he is continually impressed by Jackson’s growing skillset.

“She tackles new learning and works to master the details in advance and on her own, said LaChance. “She is always adding to her knowledge base about HR work and related jobs. Wendy has been exceptionally dependable despite the challenges created by the pandemic, and her follow-through with new or difficult tasks is outstanding.”