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Ritenour Students Create Patriotic Displays for Veterans Day

Patriotic displays were prominent throughout the district today as Ritenour students used their creativity to show their appreciation for veterans. Check out some of the displays, memorials, and gestures of appreciation for Ritenour staff veterans, students' family members and others who have served our nation.

Hoech Middle School
Hoech Middle School's campus was lined with American flags, thanks to a Ritenour High School alum, Rick Dinnella, who also attended Buder and Hoech. After graduating from RHS in 1978, Dinnella spent 20 years in the Army serving in non-combat zones in Europe, Korea and the U.S.
HMS Campus with flags  HMS campus with flags

Dinnella said he lined Hoech's campus with flags on Veterans Day because "you have to recognize where you came from."

Dinnella said he had some help decorating the campus from Denny Golden, a former teacher at Buder and Hoech, who also served in the Navy.

"He was the reason I went into the military," Dinnella said.

Ritenour High School
Ritenour High School Leadership students celebrated staff members who were veterans with a creative banner and presentation that gave other students and staff the opportunity to share personal thank yous to each of the RHS staff veterans. Leadership students also put together fun gift baskets for each of them.

RHS Veterans Day Banner   RHS Veterans Goodie Bags

Iveland Elementary
At Iveland Elementary, students created artwork that lined the hallways for an evening family walk-through event on Veterans Day. The event was an alternative way of celebrating veterans since COVID-19 restrictions prevented an all-school assembly. 

Iveland Veterans Day  Iveland Veterans Display

Kratz and Wyland Elementary Schools
Kratz and Wyland elementary students and staff brought in photos of family members who served in the military as part of special Veterans Day displays.

Kratz Veterans Display Kratz Elementary Veterans Day Art

Wyland Elementary Veterans Wall of Honor  Wyland Veterans Display