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AMI Letter for Secondary Schools

December 2021

Dear Families of Students in Ritenour Secondary Schools,

As our superintendent has already shared, in the event that winter weather or other circumstances prevent in-person learning, the district plans to use AMI (Alternate Methods of Instruction) Days so students can continue learning at home. AMI days do not need to be made up at the end of the year.

As we head into winter break, we are preparing students and staff for the potential of an AMI Day upon our return on Jan. 5. As such, all students will bring home a Chromebook before winter break begins in case we need to use an AMI Day upon our return on Jan. 5. Please keep the device and cord in a safe place in your home, away from a heat source. Students should return the Chromebooks and cords back to school when school resumes after winter break.

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about AMI days including school AMI schedules and how to acquire a WiFi Hotspot if you do not have Internet access at home.