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Ritenour Students Raise Money for Ritenour Co-Care in their Pajamas

Fifth-graders from the Ritenour Center for Gifted Education found a way to address food insecurity in the district by organizing a fun fundraiser in their pajamas for Ritenour Co-Care, a food pantry that serves more than 750 families a month.

Buder and Marion fifth-graders who attend the gifted center organized a Pajama Day at each of their schools in December that allowed students to wear their PJs to school for a small donation. In all, they raised $1,044.81 for Ritenour Co-Care.

“Our fifth-grade studied food insecurity in the fall, and for their final project, they were challenged to address the issue of food insecurity in the Ritenour community,” said Mary Waskow, a Ritenour teacher at the gifted center.

The students presented a check to Ritenour Co-Care Board President Angela Gabel on Jan. 12.

Students who organized the Buder and Marion Pajama Day were Connor Griggs, Dalynn Hall-Gates, Darrell Burries, Mya Bostic, Abi Kline, Kaleya Price, Arianna Freeman, Olivia Pratt, Kayleigh Gilchrist-Bradford, Donte Griggs, Guadalupe Alcaraz and Zane Carter.