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Ritenour Staff Get Red Carpet Treatment at the 2022 Honors Dinner

The Ritenour School District honored special staff members at the annual Honors Dinner on April 28, 2022 in the Ritenour Auditorium. The Night on the Red Carpet event was in-person after two years of being virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Honored guests included staff members who earned the Diamond Circle, First-Class Teacher and Make a Difference Awards, as well as 25-year employees and 2021-2022 retirees. Special video tributes were shared as part of the ceremony to celebrate this year’s Diamond Circle honorees, retirees and an inspirational video that introduced the 25-year service award recipients.  View photos of the gala here.

Dianitia Butler, Dion Johnson and Jesseca Hankins

Ritenour is proud to honor Dion Johnson, a third grade teacher at Marvin Elementary School, as the 2022 Diamond Circle Teacher of the Year. Jesseca Hankins, an office professional at Marion Elementary, is the Diamond Circle Employee of the Year. The district also celebrated nine other Diamond Circle teachers, an honor given to teachers who best exemplify the district’s commitment to quality education and service.

Alexander Terrance, assistant principal at Ritenour Middle School, was honored as the 2022 Make a Difference Award recipient for his excellence in working with Ritenour students with diverse needs. Dianitia Butler, a first-grade teacher at Iveland Elementary, is the district’s First Class Teacher for being an outstanding educator who is new to the profession.

Diamond Circle AwardeesOther 2022 Diamond Circle teachers are: 

  • Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education: Linda Voelkel
  • Ritenour Virtual Academy: Amber Chaidez, first grade
  • Buder Elementary: Tina Nichols, fourth grade 
  • Iveland Elementary: Amanda Stein, third grade
  • Kratz Elementary: Yen-yi Chen, art
  • Marion Elementary: Amy Germain, first grade 
  • Wyland Elementary: Cindy Herd, second grade 
  • Hoech Middle: Cliff McDaniel, band 
  • Ritenour Middle: Mark Goldman, eighth grade English language arts and social studies
  • Ritenour High School: Danielle Swallow, math

25-Year Employees are:

  • Jane Bannester, Ritenour High School
  • Laura Gehrin, Marion Elementary
  • Mark Goldman, Ritenour Middle
  • Lori Greiner, Ritenour High School
  • Michelle Hampton, Wyland Elementary
  • Christine Lepski, Iveland Elementary/Special School District
  • Janine Milam-Haynes, Marion Elementary
  • Harlon Williams, Iveland Elementary

25-Year Employees

Retirees2021-2022 Retirees

  • Dena Allen, Wyland Elementary
  • Jim Anians, Hoech Middle
  • E. Joseph Bonner, Kratz Elementary
  • Sharon Cliffe, Iveland Elementary
  • Alicia Collins, Ritenour Middle School
  • Karla Conrey, Ritenour High School
  • Kristie Crook, Iveland Elementary
  • Christi DeMuri, Ritenour High School
  • Michelle Hampton, Wyland Elementary
  • Nicole Hasten, Kratz Elementary
  • Karen Hogan, Ritenour Middle
  • Dr. Kelly Holloway, Ritenour High School
  • Angela Lane, Ritenour High School
  • Christine Lepski, Iveland Elementary/Special School District
  • Jill Mendel, Kratz Elementary
  • Dr. Terrance Peterson, Hoech Middle
  • Stacey Pollard, Ritenour Middle
  • Tracy Raphael-Wichern, Iveland Elementary
  • Rachel Rodgers, Ritenour Middle
  • Tammy Young, Ritenour High School
  • Gary Zenk, Ritenour High School