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Twenty Five Ritenour High School Students Receive Seal of Biliteracy

Congratulations to 25 Ritenour High School students who earned the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy during the 2021-2022 school year. To earn this honor, students had to show proficiency on rigorous standardized exams that show fluency in writing, listening, speaking and reading in world languages. The seal is designated on the students’ diplomas and each student also receives a special medal at graduation.

Ritenour High School began offering the opportunity for students to earn the Seal of Biliteracy in 2019. This year, Ritenour had the highest number of students earn this honor.

“The exams to attain biliteracy are extremely rigorous,” said Daniel Jones, department chair of world languages at RHS. “It’s more than being able to speak another language. Students must have solid writing, listening and reading comprehension skills in both English as well as another language.

“Being biliterate gives students a significant edge in the job market as well as a solid foundation to pursue other languages in college,” he added.

Galia Rendon Luviano, a 2022 graduating senior, earned the Distinguished Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish. Graduating senior Yaztin Chaidez earned the seal in both Spanish and French. 

Other students who earned the seal of biliteracy in Spanish this year were: Mainor Berrios Perdomo, Ben Delgado Rico, Lindsy Garcia, Ashley Garcia, Johcer Godinez-Islas, Ruby Gomez, Jennifer Huerta Lopez, Nohemi Ignacio, Melissa Lopez, Yemil Lopez Leal, Diane Martinez Mendoza, Dayrin Oviedo, Michael Oviedo, Elisa Reyes, Betzy Romero Ramos, Ariadna Saavedra, Ingrid Toledo Herrera and Jessica Torres.

Yawa “Jessica” N’Sougan and Rachette Manzambi earned the Seal of Biliteracy in French. Shirine Awad earned it in Arabic. Anna Wilson earned the seal in German, and Margaret Susovica earned the seal in Polish.