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Ritenour Voters Elect Five Board of Education Directors

Voters in the Ritenour School District re-elected five directors to the Ritenour Board of Education in the April 4, 2017 election. Elected to serve three years are: Brad Thomas, Ruth Bell Greco and Penny Degardin. Elected to serve one year to fill the unexpired terms of Selena Amerson and Bob Young are: Lisa Glover-Jones and Tom Drennan.

According to unofficial St. Louis County election results, candidates received the following votes:                                                   

For a three-year term:                                                          

Brad Thomas: Votes: 2,385; Percentage: 26.40             

Ruth Bell Greco: Votes: 2,555; Percentage: 28.28

Penny Degardin: Votes: 2,495; Percentage: 27.61

Orlando Lewis Jr.: Votes: 1,502; Percentage: 16.62             

For a one-year term:              

Shirley Burton: Votes: 1,937; Percentage: 31.63              

Lisa Glover-Jones: Votes: 2,030; Percentage: 33.15              

Tom Drennan: Votes: 2,101; Percentage: 34.31                                                                            

The Ritenour Board of Education will swear in newly-elected directors at its meeting at 7 p.m. on April 13, 2017 at the Ritenour Administrative Center, 2420 Woodson Road. During the meeting, the board also will elect officers and conduct regular business.