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New User Logins for SchoolDude (Maintenance Work Order, TAP, Room Scheduling)

Welcome Back Ritenour Family,

There are many changes that have taken place since last school year. With the implementation of Google, the new email system, other applications have also had changes.  All SchoolDude applications have been updated. Your login for the SchoolDude applications (Maintenance Work Order, TAP (Incident), and FSDirect (Room Scheduling) has changed. The login previously was your Lotus email address. The new login is your Google email address with the same password that you used previously to login to SchoolDude.  If you cannot remember your password, select Forgot Password, and the password will be emailed to you.  

Once you have logged into SchoolDude and filled out your Maintenance, TAP or Scheduling form, you will be asked for a submittal password.

The submittal password for TAP and Maintenance Direct is: Ritenour
The submittal password for Scheduling is: calendar

First time SchoolDude users, please click here, and register by clicking the arrow to the right of the green text at the bottom of the page that says "Never Submitted a Request? Register Here!"

Please take a look at the Quick Reference Guide for TAP login help.

For questions concerning your Maintenance Direct or Room Scheduling SchoolDude account, email Lynn Spurgeon.

For questions concerning your TAP SchoolDude account, email Saundra Busch.