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AristotleK12 Information for Ritenour Educators

All Ritenour educators have access to the AristotleK12 extension. You can download the extension by following these simple instructions
AristotleK12 is a classroom management tool that also serves as an alert system for student self harm and behavior.  It helps teachers manage their classes how they choose and keep their students safe. 
Ritenour educators also have the ability to:
  • Share live video with students
  • Utilize audio capabilities to teach a lesson
  • Share their screen with a class
  • Have 1:1 check-ins with students during class
  • Real-time viewing of student screens
  • Complete browser tab control
  • Lock-down student devices for testing

Many of our teachers have already become proficient in using AristotleK12 to help manage their classrooms and keep students focused and on task with their work.
Click here to view an excellent video tutorial from Chelsea Booker from Marion Elementary. 
AristotleK12 also offers online training.  Please note:  they ask that anyone scheduling a training session arrange to have at least 10 people attend.  
Click here for more information about AristotleK12.