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Did You Know...?

When you consume too much sodium, your body holds extra water to "wash" it from your body. In some people this may cause blood pressure to rise, which puts stress on your heart and blood vessels, and may cause heart disease.

Where does all the sodium come from?
More than 70% of the sodium we consume comes from packaged, prepared and restaurant foods. The rest of the sodium in the diet occurs naturally in food (about 15%).  So, even if you never use the salt shaker, you’re probably getting too much sodium.

What are the benefits of cutting down on sodium?
Eating less sodium can reduce your risk for high blood pressure and bloating, and stave off other effects of too much salt.  Did you know that in just 21 days, you can transform your taste buds, find (and enjoy) foods with more moderate levels of sodium and reduce bloating?

Here are some simple Swaps to lower your sodium intake.

Check out this video from District Nutritionist & Dietitian, Brittney Scott.