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Great Resources to De-Stress, Increase Focus and Re-Energize

Ritenour School District continues to share resources to help students, staff and families better understand trauma and respond with trauma-informed instruction and wellness practices.

Mindfulness practices are ways children and adults can help regulate their own social and emotional responses and make better decisions to care for their own mental, physical and emotional needs.

Mindfulness is the practice of being focused on the present and can improve well-being with more relationship satisfaction, increased focus, greater cognitive flexibility and improved ability to process information and promote calm. As a result, mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety, negative thinking, emotional reactivity and depression for most people.

Below are online websites and apps that have been used and recommended by Ritenour and SSD educators, counselors and therapists. Many are free and appropriate for both children and adults:

Here are a few resources recommended by Ritenour educators: