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October is Principals Appreciation Month

Principals MonthWe are so grateful for the leadership of our principals and assistant principals who are committed to creating a community in their buildings where with their students, teachers, support staff and families can grow and learn together. Hats off to the leaders who are role models for #RitenourExcellence!

Ritenour School for Early Childhood Education
Dr. Jennifer Singleton, Principal

Buder Elementary
Dr. LaKisha Franks, Principal
Ray West, Assistant Principal

Iveland Elementary
Amanda Connelly, Principal
Seneca Allen, Assistant Principal

Kratz Elementary
Meghan McNulty, Principal
Carolyn Leuthauser, Assistant Principal

Marion Elementary|
Lisa Broadbent, Interim Principal
Melissa Crowley, Interim Assistant Principal

Marvin Elementary
Dr. Craig Thurman, Principal
Donna Butler, Assistant Principal

Wyland Elementary
Dr. Lisa Greenstein, Principal
Kelsie Bodie, Assistant Principal

Hoech Middle School
Dr. Alexander Terrance, Principal
Ramona Coleman, Assistant Principal
Dr. Lindsay Hawkins, Assistant Principal
Jennifer Nilges, Assistant Principal

Ritenour Middle School
Angela Chatman, Principal
Sam Brotherton, Assistant Principal
Sierra Crayton, Assistant Princnipal

Ritenour High School
Dr. Bruce Green, Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education
Greg Jones, Assistant Principal (9th grade)
Orianna Moccio, Assistant Principal (10th grade)
Crystal Spearman, Assistant Principal (11th grade)
Dr. Matthew Schuler, Associate Principal (12th grade)

Husky Academy
Tavonda Palmer, Director of Husky Academy and Alternative Education