Commemorative Bricks

Pave the way for Ritenour students and put your name in Ritenour history!
The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation is offering a special opportunity for Ritenour alumni, students, teachers, friends and families. Purchase an engraved brick for the new Ritenour Auditorium walk way or for the entrance to Ritenour High School and at the same time support the foundation. All proceeds benefit the Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation’s grant and scholarship programs for Ritenour School District students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy a brick?
Anyone can purchase a brick – alumni, students, parents, school clubs and teams, employees and friends of Ritenour.

Can I put a logo or mascot on my brick?

Logos or mascots can be added to any brick for an additional $65. Ritenour school logos, the Ritenour Husky, Husky paw print or an organization’s logo can be added to both the 4”x 8” brick and the 8” x8” paver. Electronic (digital) logos or printed logos can be replicated. Ritenour school logos, mascots and paw print are provided by the Ritenour School District.

How much do the bricks costs?

4” x 8” brick - $100 / Duplicate brick - $50
8” x 8” paver - $250 / Duplicate brick - $100
Cost of duplicate bricks includes shipping and handling to home or business address.

Do I own the brick I purchase?

Your brick is a gift in support of the Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation and becomes the property of the foundation. The brick cannot be removed by individuals.

Where will engraved bricks be located?
Engraved bricks are located on the sidewalk on each side of the stairway leading into the front of Ritenour High School and the main entrance walkway leading into the Ritenour Auditorium.

How are the bricks engraved?
Bricks are engraved using a special laser process to transform the clay into a substance that cools quickly leaving the engraved wording a black glass surface that is chemically bonded to the surface of the brick.

Can I choose where I want my brick installed?
Brick purchasers are not able to choose where a brick is installed.

What happens to the bricks that are replaced with engraved bricks?
Bricks that are removed and then replaced with engraved bricks are recycled.

After I place my order can I change my text?
Final text proofs are sent to you. Once the final proof is approved, no changes can be made.

Are there inscription guidelines?
Yes. These guidelines are established to ensure each brick helps to promote Ritenour pride for students, alumni and community. The Ritenour Pride & Promise Foundation reserves the right to not accept messages deemed inappropriate for this project.
  • No obscenities or profanities
  • No derogatory messages regarding an individual or entity
  • No political messages
  • Bricks are to promote Ritenour pride and are not sold as advertisements for companies or businesses
Are engraved bricks tax deductible? Are replica bricks tax deductible?
Bricks purchased as part of the P ride & Promise fundraising activity are tax deductible and will be included on your annual tax receipt statement from the foundation. Replica bricks are not tax deductible.
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