My child needs to take medication at school. What do I need to do?

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1. This form for "Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medication" must be signed by your child’s physician and parent/guardian.

2. If you want your Middle or High School student to carry their Emergency Medication with them at school please complete this permission form for "Student to Self-Administer Emergency Medication" which must be signed by a parent/guardian. This form must be accompanied by the first form (the "Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Medication" form).

3. Bring your completed paperwork with the medication to be administered in the original prescription bottle or container to the school nurse.

4. The school nurse will review your paperwork, count the amount of medication being left at school and discuss any concerns regarding the medication with you.

5. If the school nurse is not in, you may leave the paperwork and medication with the school office secretary, however please understand the medication will not be administered at school until the school nurse or another building nurse can review your request.